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Back on NG and joining Jazza's contest

2014-12-21 15:20:04 by ShaiannSantos

Hey Followers and fellow veiwers! Its been a while I came back here on Newgrounds. Probably been like half a year I wasn't on Newgrounds... Man. I miss so much funny animations this year, but never fear I''m active now and going to join this rad art contest Jazza made!

Before my Christmas on Guam I'll submit and make a new journal about it. 

Anyway heres a doodle I recently made to celebrate Christmas and is not for the contest:

Here is my art for the contest :3






Pfft lol I been watching Oney cartoons show lol... That made me ended up drawing in his style lol

I liek the Aplooza one... :D


Happy fucking B-day to me!

2014-04-21 09:50:07 by ShaiannSantos

Oh yeah me birthday was like a week ago!

Heres a dev gift a freind drew for me as a late bday gift!:

3289138_139808793353_happy_late_birthday__pacificislandergirl_by_jazzy2cool.jpgYep the pic show what it say!

I just 18 and can look at a bunch of mature stuff lol! X3

Ha~! I'm so happy! <3<3<3

Happy Easter

2014-04-21 09:43:26 by ShaiannSantos

Yep, its easter in the USA and yesterday in Guam!

Ha~ Well Happy easter all~! :D

Herea cute easter pic I was looking at lol



2013-12-06 04:24:19 by ShaiannSantos

Hi there! Here a sketch I got from a friend on Deviantart!!!

My Anthro oc's Punkie and Blondie are a lovely pair of best friends. Even though there very odd for each other they still stick together! Like two pieces of paper clips in twine to each other~<3

Lineart and freesketch by [:iconirrkbutt:] Irrkbutt

Colored and edited by Me

Might put a sketch later

2011-08-23 13:58:53 by ShaiannSantos

Yeah thats wat I'm gunna do.

Its Friday!

2011-05-27 01:50:55 by ShaiannSantos

The song is very annoying at sschool.
O yah I made an Dambolis.

Its Friday!


2011-05-21 15:20:28 by ShaiannSantos

You I havin a sanity days.

P.M me if your random and wanna become my friend!
Also I like to watch my little Pony freindship is magic.

Hey! I wanna chat with random freinds.